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🤚Handmade gingerbread Men.

Stock available to be shipped next day!

2 Bags of of 12 biscuits each, roughly

200 gr. each bag.

SIZE: gingerbread men 3 inches height each.


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the sweet taste of gingerbread.

Our gingerbread is born and baked in South London, in the county of Surrey, at Aria’s Cakes laboratory.

We use traditional techniques without any help of machinery using top of the quality products.

Our recipe meets years of experience, making gingerbread for our clients as a Christmas tradition, creating show stoppers for public trades and selling products in the local Christmas Markets.

Our gingerbread is unique and utterly delicious to eat. Flavoured with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, it certainly improves with time. All the spices in the biscuits will mature, releasing a strong Christmas scent in the air.

Allergens : WHEAT/ MILK


Gingerbread men biscuits (2 bags)

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