Gingerbread Snowflakes Biscuits





Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the sweet taste of gingerbread.

Our gingerbread is born and baked in South London, in the county of Surrey, at Aria’s Cakes laboratory.

We use traditional techniques without any help of machinery using top of the quality products.

Our recipe meets years of experience, making gingerbread for our clients as a Christmas tradition, creating show stoppers for public trades and selling products in the local Christmas Markets.

Our gingerbread is unique and utterly delicious to eat. Flavoured with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, it certainly improves with time. All the spices in the biscuits will mature, releasing a strong Christmas scent in the air.

We designed for this Christmas Collection 2021, a packet of snowflakes shaped biscuits. Perfect for breakfast or your afternoon tea.

Allergens : WHEAT/ MILK ( A list of ingredients and allergens will be provided)

SIZE : 200 GR. each packet


It’s a brilliant Christmas gift, full of Christmas spirit with a sweet taste which will bring people together!

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This shop has a marketing purpose. Our laboratory is artisanal, we work at a high-quality  standards in small quantities.

Make sure to book in advance. For any requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help!