The Enchanted World of Gingerbread

The Enchanted World of Gingerbread is a little bubble where I love to hide creating wonderful edible pieces .

I usually take orders three months in advance for Christmas, but I love to do Easter or spring scenery as well.

During Christmas time I sell a selections of gingerbread houses, biscuits and Christmas edible decorations.

Please do get in touch if you wish for a gingerbread creation, I do beautiful Christmas centre pieces for the Christmas dinner table as well.

Feel free to visit my gallery…..


This is the reproduction of a typical English village in Hertfordshire at Christmas Eve.
It’s an edible reproduction of the heart of the village where you can find the Pub and the Church.
Everything is completely edible, I used gingerbread biscuit, royal icing, fondant, chocolate modelling paste and even gelatine sheet for the windows.
This creation was completed in three weeks, is made of 14 different pieces to form the whole village. I could create it giving my completely devotion to the job, working non stop till the end and trying to give to the scene the magical and peaceful Christmas spirit.
I hope I succeed!
You can see the scene displayed inside the Pub in its entirety in the pictures and each pieces separately.


A Cuckoo Clock, made of gingerbread chocolate and icing sugar.

Perfect as a centre piece !


This is a display of stacked books with the inside decorated as a doll house. Every chamber is a part of the house: the kitchen, the bedroom, nursery room, diner, reception room, library, living room and music room. Every room is completely handcrafted by me and all edible. It’s decorated with the Christmas spirit and you find yourself in another era….


This is a journey made out of gingerbread from Santa’s Cabin to London. It’s a composition of Santa’s Cabin, Santa’s Work Shop, Santa’s stopping in the forest, Santa’s arriving to London with the Carousel and last stop at the town house in Lamb’s Conduit Street in the heart of London.

Selection of gingerbread houses and biscuits.

Made from the finest quality products these are lovely Christmas gift ideas .

You can find a selection of products in our website shop.

Please contact us for more informations.
Our unique gingerbread recipe includes Christmas spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and of course a secret way to manufacture the biscuits….. don’t tell anyone…. …LOVE!

Christmas Collection 2020